Copenhagen FinTech Co-Lab

with Rainmaking at Pier47

Copenhagen Fintech Co-Lab is a new addition to the Copenhagen FinTech eco-system growth aspirations. This is a one-of-a-kind collaborative fintech-space for the Copenhagen FinTech corporate Partners and Sponsors as a part of Rainmaking at Pier47.

At Copenhagen Fintech Co-Lab you get access to

  • Office space in a state-of-the-art, DGNB-certified, co-working space
  • Private space for up to 50 innovators, or shared/open areas.
  • A collaborative environment with scalers and corporate innovation teams in a 1000 sqm fintech area.
  • Updates on the technologies and trends redefining your industry.
  • Events and matchmaking with the startups in the Copenhagen Fintech Lab at Christianshavn.
  • Tailored fintech events co-created and hosted by Copenhagen FinTech and Rainmaking at Pier47 with innovation practitioners.
  • Located at Langelinie Kaj with dedicated parking, in-house café, event space, free use of meeting rooms, free printing and high-speed internet.

Join Copenhagen Fintech Co-Lab to get ahead

We still have our startup-focused Fintech Lab at Christianshavn. The Co-Lab is a completely new space at Langelinie.

Bring your team; join the builders, the practitioners, and the visionary thinkers. Experience the peer-to-peer co-working effect.

The future of fintech is not only about technology

-but just as much about people. Peers that engage with each other, practitioners of transformation, and with startups at large.

Update your toolbox

Improve how you manage startup collaboration and entrepreneurial practices. Get up to speed on the future of work, organizations, and ecosystem approaches.


For more information on how to become a Sponsor at Copenhagen FinTech and get access to Copenhagen FinTech Co-Lab, contact:
Simon Schou, Chief Innovation Officer

Looking for more information about Rainmaking at Pier47? Contact:
Annika Rømer, Business Development Lead